This is based on my research for making an interface using camera tracking. This is not a definitive guide, as you may have a different purpose in mind. The interface I am working on is still in progress, but this might at least give you a good direction for making your own.


CCD Camera and IR Pass FilterCamera and Filter

If using infrared lighting as described above, a camera that is sensitive to low levels of light is needed to pick up the infrared. It also has to have a high resolution image and no auto settings that will effect the tracking, such as autofocus and white balance.

An infrared pass filter is needed. This will block out visible light (such as the image from the projector) and only let through near infrared. You will need to check the light levels of your camera and infrared LEDs wavelengths.

CCD Camera and IR Pass FilterInfrared Lights

This is to light up the surface. The more LEDs and the wider the angle of projection the better. This light has 48 LED and an angle of 60 degrees. This angle proved to be too low so I am using a concave lens and a light diffuser to make the light spread over a wider area.


A data projector and a large mirror to project upwards on to the surface.