History Of Sonic The Hedgehog

The history of Sonic the hedgehog character goes back to 1991, when it appeared for the very first time in the first Sonic game to be released ever. This way, we can say that the Sonic the hedgehog history is not that old as the concept of video gaming is also not that old and started only during the last century.

The story behind the origin of Sonic the hedgehog is that its parent company, the Sega Corporation wished to launch a game and have a mascot that could provide a tough competition to its rival company Nintendo’s flagship character Mario. This is how the character of Sonic the hedgehog came into existence. An important thing to note in the history of Sonic the hedgehog is that the character Sonic the hedgehog actually replaced the old mascot of the Sega Corporation that was known as Alex Kidd.

In order to come up with the brand new mascot of the company, a lot of character designs were drafted and submitted by the research and development department of the Sega Corporation. And the draft that was finalized was the one made by Naoto Oshima’s hedgehog. This is the story that best describes the oigin of Sonic the hedgehog.

The hedgehog character that was drafted by Naoto Oshima’s was initially named as ‘Mr. Needlemouse’. The term needlemouse meant hedgehog in Japanese language. The original concepts in the In the Sonic the hedgehog history, conceptualized the character of Sonic having fangs and in a band along with a human girlfriend named as Madonna. However, things changed with members of Sega’s American team that was headed by Madeline Schroeder actually muted the character a little bit in order to make it according to the taste of American audiences by removing these. The changes done by the Sega’s American did not go well with the original Sonic Team, although later on it was admitted that it was probably for the best.

During the entire history of Sonic the hedgehog, the appearances of the character Sonic the hedgehog has been varied as video games have different appearances from the one featured in comics and feature films.