Voice For Sonic The Hedgehog

The voice for Sonic the hedgehog has been given by various actors in his different game appearances. This review features detailed information about who have landed their voices for Sonic the hedgehog, character in various games of the sonic series by Sega corporation. Read on to find the required information about the main character of the games series Sonic the hedgehog’s voice.

Talking about the voices for sonic the hedgehog in the Japanese version, there is an old Sonic CD that features some of the original sample voices for sonic the hedgehog, however the details about the actor who provided the voice for sonic the hedgehog character is not known. The first true voice for sonic the hedgehog was provided by the actor named as Takeshi Kusao. He gave his voice over to Soniv the hedgehog character in the arcade game SegaSonic the Hedgehog, along with another actor Junichi Kanemaru without any taking any kind of gap from the time the game version Sonic Adventure released.

In another version of the Sonic game series named as Sonic Unleashed, the voice for sonic the hedgehog character was given by Tomokazu Seki. In this game, he whilst like a werehog form.

As far as the voice for sonic the hedgehog character featured in the English language version are concerned, the first actor to lend his voice for sonic the hedgehog character was Jaleel White who is popularly known as Steve Urkel among fans as he plays the character of same name on the TV show Family Matters. He is the person behind the Sonic the hedgehog’s voice in three of the animated series called as Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) and Sonic Underground. Recently, it has been announced by the Sega Corporation that now onwards the voice for sonic the hedgehog character would be provided by Roger Craig Smith for all the future games, beginning with the games Sonic Colors and Sonic Free Riders.