Social media sites have teamed up with the online gaming industry to take computer-based entertainment to a whole new level; thereby enabling gambling enthusiasts to enjoy online poker and other casino games. Zynga Inc. is a company that has helped to make games like “Mafia Wars”, “FarmVille” and Texas Holdem online increasingly popular amongst online gamers.

The Zynga Gaming Experience

The compatibility of Smartphones with such online casino games has enabled gaming enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite casino games on the go. This has brought unforeseen convenience to the world of online gaming. Companies like Zynga Inc. use the massive interaction of people through social networks such as Facebook to ensure that the games they offer are easily and conveniently accessed by the multitude of eager players; especially those who are passionate about the thrill and challenge of getting to play online poker and other casino games in an internet casino.

Zynga’s game that launched this company into the online gaming industry was “Live Poker”. If you have never heard about this game before and would like to try it out, you can download it for free on Zynga’s Facebook Page. It is also available for downloading on other online platforms authorized by Zynga to offer the game, so go ahead and take that leap into the amazing world of free poker games online.

The Launch of Zynga Plus Poker

Recently this company launched Zynga Plus Poker in April 2013 which is an online poker real money game that made headlines in online gambling circles. Zynga Plus Poker falls under the realm of the PartyPoker network and is a casino software meant for the leading social media site, Facebook. Zynga Plus Casino was also launched at around the same period. Real Money Gaming (RMG) is hot, and most online casinos and poker rooms are taking a turn towards this direction. Zynga has joined in the quest to make online gaming more thrilling and riskier (since gamers will have to play poker online for money-from which they stand to lose or gain) than ever before. This is great news indeed for poker professionals and players who play online poker for money games although Zynga’s plans to launch in the US have been put on hold.

Just How Big is Zynga and its Gaming Network?

Facebook and Zynga Inc. inked a deal requiring the gaming company to allow access of its real money games on the social media giant’s platform. This happened in November 2012 and is somewhat a natural progression as every other business wants to have a presence in leading social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Zynga demoed this real-money poker game and a casino software at the World Gaming Executive Summit (WGES) Conference this year.

Playing Zynga Games off-Facebook

You can still play Zynga games without logging into a Facebook account, in case you don’t have one. Just go to Android’s app site (in case your devices operates under Android) and download the Zynga game of your choice. The same procedure applies to iPhone gadgets.

You can “gift” to any of your friends some Zynga poker chips any day. This will entice them to continue playing the games and will boost the level of your experience in such games. It is a noble idea to join in the Zynga experience; whichever way you look at it. Formerly, it was wrong to send chips in return for money and such an act culminated in suspension of the recipient’s Facebook account or to lose hands purposely so that you can send chips to one of your friends. With the launch of Zynga Plus Poker however, the rules are not as stringent as before. Go ahead and try Zynga Plus Poker to savour the thrill and risk of playing poker online.

Zynga Poker is reported to have an upwards of 271 million (monthly) user-base; one of the top flash games by any standards! The launch of Zynga Plus Poker is projected to raise these numbers exponentially. Consequently, if you enjoy playing poker with a large number of people, there is no reason why you should not be a part of Zynga’s multitude of poker gamers.