Characteristics Of Sonic The Hedgehog

If we take into account numerous of the official materials of Sega Corporation, the characteristics of Sonic the hedgehog can be described as a character who is much like the wind, a wanderer who has no established residence or visible means of support, the one who lives the way he wants to and makes life a series full of of events and adventures.

Among various prominent features of Sonic the hedgehog, one is that he hates domination and unwaveringly fights to defend freedom. In general, he is a very easy going character but also is of short temper nature. The other features of Sonic the hedgehog personality are that he is mostly impatient with slower things. There are sometimes extreme variations in Sonic the hedgehog’s characteristics. For example he is impatient and short tempered but he is also known to be a daredevil hedgehog that is extremely honest, loyal to friends and always keeps his promises, and hates tears.

Another characteristic of Sonic the hedgehog us that he took the young Tails, another character under his wing just like a little brother, however Sonic is also not much interested in marital proposals offered by Amy Rose.

Important characteristic of Sonic the hedgehog is that in tough times or in crisis, he is focused to meet the challenge as if his personality had undergone an astonishing change.

The other characteristics of Sonic the hedgehog describe him to be the world’s fastest hedgehog. One of the greatest features of Sonic the hedgehog is that he is very strong with his running speed that is much more than the speed of sound. Sonic the hedgehog has got so many capabilities that are variations on the tendency for hedgehogs to roll into tight balls for protection along with the added ability of spinning his body. Well, apart from possessing so many abilities, there are certain weak points are also there in the sonic the hedgehog’s characteristics. The Sonic’s weak points include that he is unable to swim, and he sinks like a rock if plunged to a deep body of water. However, at the same time he has got the strength to overcome his weakness as he can run on the surface of water wherever required to swim.