Intro To Sonic The Hedgehog

This article presents a comprehensive intro to Sonic the hedgehog. It is a great article to read for all the fans of world’s one of the most popular video games characters who want to know detailed info about sonic the hedgehog.

Let us start with the introduction of Sonic the hedgehog here. Sonic the hedgehog is the main leading character of the video games series by the same name, Sonic the Hedgehog. This series of popular video games are produced by Sega Corporation, which is a famous Japanese company for producing software as well as hardware for video games.

It is also important to mention in the Sonic the hedgehog intro that part from being the leading character in the video game series by Sega Corporation, Sonic the hedgehog is also a principal character in various other comic books, cartoons series and feature films. The first ever game of the sonic series came into market on the date, June 23, 1991. The Sonic, video games series were developed with the objective of having a mascot for Sega Corporation in reply to its rival and competitor company Nintendo’s and its famous flagship character named as Mario.

By that time, Sonic the hedgehog has really achieved the distinction of becoming world’s best-known video game characters. The idea of its popularity can be taken from the fact that this series of video game has already sold off more than 70 million copies. In addition to this, another important and interesting fact to know about Sonic the hedgehog is that in the year 2005, Sonic the hedgehog became the first ever game character that was inductees into the Walk of Game, along with other video game characters Mario and Link.

There are many free sonic games available to play online on the Internet in which the introduction of Sonic the hedgehog is provided as a cute character. You can play these games for free also on the internet. We hope that you find the given intro to sonic the hedgehog really worth reading and helpful guide.