The Sonic Personality

The sonic personality is believed to be directly inspired by President Bill Clinton, who embodied a modern sensibility of getting things done right away. The Sonic color is blue, representing SEGA’s logo and the color blue symbolizes “peace”, which describes sonic personality and character very well.

What is interesting about sonic personality is that he is a laid-back and cool character, wanting to symbolize peace. He free-spirited and adventurous and has been described as being “like the wind”. But he prefers to simply addressed by his name and not any fancy titles. Read on to know more about sonic personality.

So, what exactly are the traits of sonic personality that make him so very special? To start with, he is a smart hedgehog with dare devilish looks. He hates tears, stability and oppression and likes to keep all his promises. He likes to relax, but never rests in the face of injustice. He is very kind and always keeps his word, ready to put himself at risk to help others. He likes to take on any challenge that faces up to him without any hesitation.

The sonic character also looks upon fighting evil as an opportunity to have fun. However, in times of any crisis, he focuses completely on the job at hand, seeing it as truly serious work with no fun involved. Talking about the sonic personality, he is believed to have an amazing capacity to forgive. An adrenaline junkie and thrill-seeker, the cocky, upbeat demeanor of the sonic personality will remain unchanged.

Known for unconquerable will, Sonic also enjoys break dancing and shows an interest in rock music. Been credited as “the fastest thing alive”, he is able to run faster than the speed of sound. Despite being very proud and a world famous brag, he also shows some form of reticence when taking compliments. He likes talking to robots, teasing them and even acting like a waiter to one of the robots. Although Sonic shows a lot of ironic attitude through his gestures but then enjoys any challenge that passes him.

However Sonic personality is not completely unbeatable. He does have his own share of flaws. One of his biggest weaknesses is his inability to swim in water and he can sink like a stone to the bottom. But as mentioned before, his super sonic speed can help him race through water without any fear of sinking.