Nintendo is a company which is popular for their successes in previous years for offerings of today and their announcement would clear it more. Just recently, they have introduced a new gaming controller adapter for Wii U with which players can use Gamecube controllers to enjoy Super Smash Bros. on its debut this year for the system. This announcement is curiously timed and has given the fact that it’s been a week when it was announced that the company is going to shake hands with PDP and design a ‘Fight Pad’ of Gamecube style. The wired controller may lead to emulate the original style. But Wii U will officially be compatible with Gamecube controller.

Unless having some phenomenal improvements in the modern version, it is still the question whether players will care about this type of thing using the original controller, especially in case of having something in storage. So, what’s the fuss about the controller of Gamecube all the way? In this competitive scenario of Super Smash Bros, the original controller is closely related to the rise of Super Smash Bros. A lot of players would deem Melee the ‘golden age’ of gaming in pro scene. The button configuration, the shape and everything will lent it to become the best option to play the series and a lot of players seem to be excited to see the controller in both old and new variants coming back to the Wii U. Visit to know more.

Nintendo looks smarter enough to work according to the fans and offer something they have been wishing and looking for. For casual players, it is still likely to be going to better play the game with controller of Gamecube style rather than Pro, Gamepad or Wiimote. It is expected to increase the gameplay experience.