While casino sites like 21 nova casino features marvel comics characters, there are several casino sites that feature super sonic games’ popular characters such as Sonic the Hedgedog and the main antagonist Doctor Eggman. The speedy supersonic Hedgedog mascot is a popular fixture in several popular casino sites offering 3D game platforms.

Super sonic game is a video game franchise owned by Sega. It was created by Yuji Naka and after Sega published it in 1991, it spawned sequels and expanded to different genre. Originally a platform game, it expanded into action-adventure, sports, fighting, role playing and most recently casino games.

Casino night Zone is the sequel after the Aquatic Ruin Zone of Sonic The Hedgedog 2. The game is set in a casino night atmosphere powered by electronic colors. It features pinball’s flippers and a slot machine with a hundred of rings for players to catch and get the right combination in order to win. Because it has casino zone, it is but natural to have the gambling interest of the players on the top edge. Fortunately, the zone has only one badnik, the crawl which is tagged as The Guardon created by Doctor Robonik. To defeat it, you have to attack it from the back by jumping or spinning behind it.

Supersonic games with casino stages became popular after casino zone was first introduced in Super Sonic Hedgedog 2 in 1991. It was followed by Casinopolis in 1998, Casino Paradise in 2001, Casino Park in 2003 and Casino Street Zone in 2010. All became a hit sending super sonic games back to its no. 1 spot in 3D platform games.