Sonic The Hedgehog In Non-Sonic Games

There have been many appearances made by Sonic the hedgehog in non-sonic games. Although, Sonic the hedgehog is the leading and trademark character of Sonic games produced by Sega Corporation of Japan, but still there are many games other than the one produced by its parent company that features this character of sonic the Hedgehog.

The non-sonic games featuring Sonic the hedgehog features Sonic mostly in small special appearances and most famous examples of showing sonic the hedgehog of non-sonic games are Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.

Both of these Non-sonic games featuring Sonic the hedgehog show the character of Sonic as a power-up character, strolling around the main hallway in Phantasy Star Universe on the anniversary of the realses of his first game.

Another example showing the Sonic the hedgehog of non-sonic games is the remake of Samba de Amigo in the year 2005 that showed Sonic in the background for the songs called as Low Rider, UN Aguardiants along with Mambo #5. It is also a playable character in Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams and Shadow the Hedgehog.

It is important to know that the Sonic has resulted in becoming the most popular games among all other leading publishing houses as well, and the character of Sonic the hedgehog of non-sonic games performs cameos like Art Alive, Shining Force II, Clockwork Knight 2, Crusader of Centy, Bug!, Rad Mobile, The Simpsons Game, The Incredible Hulk, and the video game adaptation of the film Tom and Jerry. Among the list featuring appearances of charcter of sonic the hedgehog in non-sonic games is the a Movie where the Sonic is seen on a movie poster in “Ed Edd n Eddy-Jawbreakers.” He also appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros.

Thus, we see that there is a whole long list featuring the leading character of sonic the hedgehog in non-sonic games too.